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Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

Trade fair design, conception and construction has increasingly gained in importance for ArtLabs Studios in recent years. We develop and implement demanding trade fair stands of all sizes. As with all our work, we deliver well conceived and well designed overall concepts. Timely production and high-quality, on-budget implementation are of central importance for us.

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Shows & Events

Shows & Events

Our roots in the performing arts have led to designing and delivering events and product presentations always being one of our core business areas. Our event designs and concepts have evolved increasingly towards complete multimedia works of art. Shows developed especially for an event, music composed in our own music studio, special effects and projections run together to create a coherent overall production.

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Brand Worlds & Retail Design

Brand Worlds

Location-based entertainment and themed environments are a logical evolution of our work in other areas over the years. These are long-term and sometimes permanent installations. Whether it be a pavilion for a world exhibition, a themed restaurant, a museum, or a corporate brand world, they all have one thing in common: They are immersive environments the audience enters to fully experience the topic at hand with all their senses. Our talents come into play in perfect synergy on projects like these.

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Performing Arts

Performing Arts

ArtLab Studios has its roots in the performing arts. Eric Veenstra's 34 years of stage / light design and artistic direction for theater, dance and film form part of ArtLab Studios' DNA. From our core creative concepts to our focus on the audience's experience - it is a part of everything we do. We extract our experience in developing dramaturgies and let it blossom in our entire work. Through artistic ability paired with technical knowhow, we can offer you a unique overall solution, which will make a success of your event.

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Digital Services for Live Marketing

Digital Services

Focusing on new technologies and the latest communication channels, our Digital Services unit is a logical development of our Live Marketing expertise. Our specialists develop tailor-made event applications for devices such as the iPad, iPhone and other mobile platforms. Whether in order to simplify internal communication or as an interactive element for trade shows and events, our creative solutions make the digital experience more intuitive and livelier. From analysis, through concept and design, to implementation, ArtLab Studios’ Digital Services unit offers the complete package.

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Founded in 1988 by New York Scenic and Light Designer Eric Veenstra,
ArtLab Studios has developed into one of the leading providers of
Live Marketing, Design, Technology, and Services today.

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